Commission Fees

United States

For US Stocks, we offer a choice of a Flat Rate per Share, or a Variable Rate which will vary depending on destination, liquidity, and order type.


Flat Rate
$.0075 $4.50
per share minimum per order
Variable Rate
$.0045 $4.50
per share + routing fees minimum per order


Flat Rate
$0.75 $4.50
per contract minimum per order


* External Fees will also be added to the above rates and can be found here

Corporate and Municipal Bonds *
0.2 % $4.50
face value < 10,000 USD minimum per order
0.005 %
face value > 10,000 USD
Treasuries (Bills, Notes, Bonds) *
0.04 % $8.50
face value < 10,000 USD minimum per order
0.004 %
face value > 10,000 USD

For clients on our Variable Rate Commission Plan, we provide transparent pricing for stocks, options, ETFs and warrants . In cases where an exchange provides a rebate, we pass some or all of the savings directly back to you.

Mobile Trader uses a SMART destination, and routes your order to the best available venue. The Trademate Workstation and Web Trader allow you to direct your order to a number of destinations, including SMART

A Schedule of our Routing Fees can be found here

* Extremely active traders may qualify for our Active Trader Commission Plan. Please call us for details.